October 21, 2018
Dillon Praus

I had an amazing time at Yellowstone. We were unable to see a bear, but it was still a great time. We were able to see the Junction Butte Pack on two of our days, and that was really exciting. The first time we saw them they were just laying around, but the second time they were eating a bison, that they had killed that morning. We also saw a lot of bison and elk. I think the most interesting animal that we saw on the trip was the mountain goat that Dalton had found through the fog on this massive cliff face that was cover in snow. It was the first time ever seeing one and I thought it was amazing to see one, because they live in such rugged terrain and in remote places.

A good experience that I had on the trip was getting snowed in at old Faithful. It showed the brutality of mother nature that the ecosystem has to endure every winter. It snowed a lot in a little amount of time, and I was just thinking that we had snacks and stuff, but the wildlife when its snowing they have to go out to search for food, or wait a day for the snow to pass then go dig through the snow to find food. It truly showed the toughness of the wilderness. another fun thing we did was the Boiling River which is a fun thing to experience, because you get to see up close some thermals, and it is nice and relaxing after hiking. My favorite thing to do was walking through the snow to go look at some of the geysers. They are always fun to watch and are unpredictable. I cannot wait till the next time I go back to Yellowstone.


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