Yellowstone Final Reflection

October 17, 2018
Gunnar Fraase

Yellowstone was an amazing trip to experience with some great people, it all made the long drive worth the wait to get to the park. Especially when on the first day we were able to see a pack of wolves out in the open and watch them in their natural habitat. Plus, in the same day we were able to experience some different aspects of the park and learn how it is all tied in with each other and how the nature of the park works. Even though everything was a blast to experience my favorite part of the trip was the hiking; whether it was to the acclimation pens or up to the top of Junction Butte and then down to the intersection of the rivers.

I am an avid hunter but one of the things I enjoy most is just to watch nature take its course without any distractions or interruptions from humans. Nature is just a beautiful thing to watch and Yellowstone is a great view point because most of the area is untouched and the wildlife can still roam free without having to go over fences and around cities, they can just go from one area to the next without having to worry about much of anything but themselves.

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