Yellowstone Day 3

October 18, 2015
Yellowstone Blog

Well today was our earliest start yet. We left our motel 6:15 in hopes of getting to the Lamar valley early enough to spot a grizzly bear or more wolves at the kill sight of yesterday’s wolves. We got out to the site and used spotting scopes to scan the area with no luck of spotting any kind of predators. After watching for wolves we decided to go look for Pika. Pika are small rodents that are related to rabbits. They live in volcanic rubble and blend in very well with their surroundings. after our Pika visit we had lunch at soda butte creek. After lunch, Shauna took us for a hike down a trail that her and her friends use during the winter months for skiing and snowshoeing. This hike was very informative because we learned a lot about the native vegetation and about many different mammal signs. After a very heartfelt goodbye and thank you to Shauna, a small group of us made our way down to the hotsprings for a little dip. The hotsprings were amazing because boiling hot water pours out of the river banks and mixes with the cold river water making a warm water experience. As if relaxing in the warm waters wasn’t amazing enough, a small elk family came to the river banks only 50 yards from where we were sitting. All in all this was an amazing day and I wished we could have stayed in the hotsprings all night!10488008_610640286040_4897877198487017218_n

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