Day 3 and 4 Yellowstone Adventure

October 18, 2015
Yellowstone Blog

Day 3
We started out waking up really early so we could be out in the Lamar Valley by Sunrise. We left our hotel in Shauna’s tour bus at 6:15. When we arrived in Lamar, the wolves were out of site. I was sad that we couldn’t see the wolves again. They are such amazing animals! Just knowing that they were killed off and brought back proves to me that people can do amazing things. That is if they all have a common goal.
When we couldn’t find any wolves or bears, we set out to find some adorable little creatures called Pika. They were really cute how they ran up and down the rocks to get a piece of grass and stash it in their hay piles. On occasion, the pika would cross into another’s territory. When this happened, the pika gave out a little call, and the call is supposed to sound like a warning, but it is actually really cute. I was trying to find a pika stuffed animal all day, but i couldn’t find one.
Eventually, we had to leave the pika. When we left them, we headed through Lamar valley and over to a ski trail. The trail is not taken very often by foot. It was very pretty walking through the trees and being able to do a little bit of tracking.

Day 4
Today was our last day in Yellowstone. It was a ton of fun being able to visit all of the geysers and waterfalls. We did get to see some coyotes heading into some sort of kill site early that morning, but we didn’t get to identify what animal it was. I really enjoyed all of the hot springs. They all looked amazing with all of their colors. It just blows my mind that all of the colors are created by bacteria, and to make it even more amazing, the some colors represent hotter or colder water.
I am going to miss the excitement of Yellowstone. There are adventures here that I haven’t had the chance to have at other times in my life.
Until Next time,
Jonathon Krabbenhoft

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