Thanksgiving – a time to be grateful!

Thanksgiving. It falls on the last Thursday of every November. It’s a time of gratitude and a time of family and friends. In the middle of the American Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed a national Thanksgiving Day, to be celebrated on the final Thursday in November 1863. I think it’s rather great that we have a day to give thanks to a great life. I personally am grateful for so many things. Gratitude magnifies our experience of the good things in life, enabling us to enjoy them more thoroughly. Gratitude also helps us to endure the hard things in life with dignity, perhaps even with humor. This past week I reflected on the many things I am grateful for, my family and friends, my community at home and at college, and the chance to be a difference maker.


The idea of Thanksgiving came from our pilgrim forefathers. Their families were ravaged by disease and famine as they made their way to the New World. That fall they were able to have a prosperous harvest and they wanted to give thanks to their Native American neighbors, families, and friends. They gathered to break bread simply for the reason of love. Love for their land, their family, and their lives.


I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving and hope we all reflected on our gratitude. Gratitude is healthy, it shifts our perspective from the glass ½ empty to the glass ½ full. This alone can be a savior when it comes to those final projects and final tests that are approaching in only 3WEEKS! So give thanks for those three weeks and that you are safe, healthy, and loved.


So let the countdown begin to the end of the semester!




-Michaela Halvorson

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