Fish Seining

The day started off early and windy, and of course the wind would blow from the worst possible direction, south. by the time we were done at the grocery store getting gear we would need for the coming events we all knew it was going to be a long kayak trip. unloading the kayaks and getting everyone set up went on without a hitch and i even got a cool “fat man” kayak. good thing when we set out we were in the marshes so people like me who have never kayaked before could gain our bearings. than we set out into the great unknown battling the wind at our face and shrimp boats trying to run us over. when we got to the island and were able to get off and sein for fish it was awesome and scary at the same time as Casey told us about the stingray shuffle. there were plenty of stingrays saw amongst us but luckily no one got stuck. it was awesome being able to see new fish and plant species that were out there. i would love to learn more about the marine fish we caught that morning because identifying them deemed to be very difficult.

on the way back to the launch area we had the wind at our backs and took our time venturing through the mangroves looking for the unexpected. after we got all the kayaks loaded we set off to fish in another area near the fairy. we had great barbecue, fishing, and freinds. we were also able to sein this area and learn alot about the fish thanks to Dusty who seemed like a marine genius at the time. without him helping us ID the fish i dont think it would have been as much fun just looking at unknown fish.

our next adventure was to seine and collect fish from the beach, which was terrifying to think about on the way there. while out there we finally realized how exhousting it is to battle the waves with a giant seine net. the rest of the day was spent fishing and hanging out with freinds.

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