UAS Summit in Grand Forks, ND 2013

U.S. Senator Heidi Heitkamp spoke this morning with excitement of a three legged stool for ND – Agriculture+Energy+UAS , with unmanned aircraft systems seeing a perfect storm for its success in North Dakota. Beit law enforcement, first response, or military, unmanned aircraft systems “makes us a safer country, and a safer world.”

Recently U.S. Senator Rand Paul (KY) filibustered for 13 hours on drones, which she suggested had the effect of “burrowing in a mentality that this technology is nefarious.” This was unfortunate for this cause, which Senator Heitkamp likened as a vanguard movement similar to vertical and horizontal drilling summits of the 1990’s, that ultimately led to the successful and safe tapping of
the Bakken shale.

There are obvious issues with privacy and constitutional rights, as well as FAA oversight and policy, but this group of private and public stakeholders seeks in it’s 7th UAS Action Summit to develop the dialog to where the nation and world understands the vast potential of UAS systems in our every day lives, most notably, agriculture/food safety, and disaster relief.

Ensuring that ND public and private schools produce graduates who can contribute directly to the three-legged stool of ND is an important attribute of the ND STEM Network.

For more on the UAS Action Summit:


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