The Ag Cab Lab project is intended to engage and inform the general public through a hands-on learning center in a real-life farm cab that simulates driving experiences on a farm, engages the the consumer and answers consumer questions.




The Explorations of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem is headed by Dr. Gary Kettering of GP SEC and provides VCSU students the opportunity to learn of the inter-related infrastructure of the Yellowstone National Park.


Pickled Fish


The Pickled Fish Project is a project designed to incorporate biological adaptations of fish species and identification of North Dakota fishes in the classroom.

Contact: Dr. Casey Williams


Ethanol Racer


The Ethanol Racer simulation is designed to educate consumers on where ethanol comes from, why it’s used as a fuel additive, and how it’s save for vehicle use. A prototype of the game is being demoed at a number of county fairs over the 2014 summer and has generated tremendous interest with younger generations and we hope to capitalize on that opportunity to provide rich content and learning experiences as we develop the system further.

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Arduino is a simple microcontroller board and open source development environment that allows users to connect a variety of sensors to enable computer sensing and interaction with the real world. We expect to introduce professional development workshops on the topic in the near future.


SEND Trunk


In a partnership with Erik Holland of the State Historical Society of North Dakota, the Great Plains STEM Education Center (GPSEC) has developed a renewable energy focused portable trunk of materials as part of the Society’s SEND Trunk project.

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Students are fascinated by soap bubbles, and through hands on activities they can learn the science of bubbles and data collection methods.

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Our goal is to promote nanotechnology education at multiple grade levels by providing comprehensive resources for students and educators. These resources are supported by hands on educator workshops.

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