Embedded Systems Learning Opportunity for Undergraduates

A course designed to introduce students and provide direct hands-on experience with embedded systems is being offered at Valley City State University for the Spring 2016 semester.

PHYS 299, Embedded Systems for Scientists and Engineers is being developed as a part of a new Applied Mathematics for Engineers program being developed by professors at VCSU.

Students will meet on Tuesday and Thursdays from 2-3:15 pm for 15 weeks with learning goals that will include:

  1. Introduction to embedded systems.
  2. Designing basic electrical circuits, batteries, switches, potentiometers, LED, capacitors.
  3. Hardware and sensor systems using the Arduino.
  4. Programming with the Arduino Software (IDE) and extended libraries.
  5. Cloud-based database strategies for sensory data collection, monitoring, control, and data interpretation.
  6. Hardware systems using the Raspberry Pi, Debian Linux operating system administration.
  7. Python scripting and open source database systems for data acquisition, interpretation, and sensory system control.
  8. Low power applications, including cell-phone data transfer.
  9. Design for a camera-based and IR systems for a unmanned aerial (drone)  and robotic systems.
  10. Fluid level and flow for storage, rain and snow pack level systems.
  11. Student project design.

This course is being developed as a hands-on laboratory experience by Dr. David DeMuth in a goal to complement the new “pre-engineering” program, an existing Software Engineering program, and a minor in physics available at VCSU.

Students interested in remote sensory systems as applied to the Natural Resources will find this course a unique opportunity to integrate technology with monitoring systems.

The prerequisites for joining the course are an innate interest in embedded systems and the recognition of the importance of networked low power systems to monitor electrical and mechanical systems in the coming few years.

For more information on this course, please contact david.demuth@vcsu.edu


Professor of Physics, Director of Undergraduate Research, STEM Consultant, STEAM Practitioner

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