STEAM: The A is also for Agriculture

In a rural community where John Deere Corp. produces tillage and seeding equipment, Valley City, ND, surrounded by farms and ranches is an ideal location for the 78th annual North Dakota Winter Show. Any of the 71,000+ that attended Winter Show had an opportunity to discover an interactive STEM+Agriculture exhibit that staff at the Great…


Spaceship Earth

If you are a 7th grade teacher at Liberty Middle School in West Fargo, North Dakota, you first thoughts are on the integration of active learning strategies that instill in all your students a regard for collaborative problem solving, creativity, and communication. Seventh graders are on a cusp, evolving from elementary schools which even traditionally…


GPSEC Hosts VCSU Dashboard Project

A best practice of interpreting tabulated data is in visualizing the data using graphs and charts, and several of the projects at the Great Plains STEM Education Center rely on data-based communication. Moreover learner standards in math and science also herald the importance on students abilities to record, manipulate, graph, and interpret data. Learning in…