Valley City State University Joins DUNE Collaboration

Abundant beyond imagination, the neutrino is a sub-atomic particle that is a by-product of numerous natural phenomena including the fusion of hydrogen into helium, a process that fires the sun that warms our planet, that grows our tomatoes. Avoiding detection is commonplace for a neutrino, yet occasionally in a rare interaction, the neutrino is responsible…


Integrating Educational Games into Learning

Ed Tech Developer’s Guide: A primer for software developers, startups, and entrepreneurs  The demand for high-quality educational apps is increasing as communities become more connected, devices become more affordable, and teachers and parents are looking for new ways to use technology to engage students. Richard Culatta Opportunities abound for software designers and developers to create…


STEMtastic Jamestown!

What happens when economic development meets workforce development meets K-12 schools meets STEM education in a rural community such as Jamestown, ND? Something STEMtastically wonderful – a thoughtful approach to producing a workforce that drives economic development which relies on an existing public education infrastructure. When Vice President of Economic Development of the Jamestown Stutsman…


West Fargo Science Teachers Solve Troubles in Fruitvale

In a scenario of a fictitious troubled town of Fruitvale, teachers at West Fargo’s Cheney Middle School worked to identify point and non-point forms of pollution in ground water that services that community. Assistant Principal Adam Gehlhar contracted the Great Plains STEM Education Center to work with a team of four teachers who throughout the…