Exploring Sound through Technology and the Arts

The Exploring Sound through Technology and the Arts in Bismarck started with an education workshop at the Cathedral School, then alongside teacher Kay Power, David DeMuth worked with sixth grade students over a sequence of days that resulted in some amazing learning. The workshop was and can be repeated for teachers, below an overview with…


STEAM: The A is also for Agriculture

In a rural community where John Deere Corp. produces tillage and seeding equipment, Valley City, ND, surrounded by farms and ranches is an ideal location for the 78th annual North Dakota Winter Show. Any of the 71,000+ that attended Winter Show had an opportunity to discover an interactive STEM+Agriculture exhibit that staff at the Great…


How to Measure Planck’s Constant Using Legos

Planck’s constant is one of the most important numbers in science. It describes the relationship between the energy and frequency of an electromagnetic wave in an equation known as the Planck-Einstein relation: E = hv (where E is energy, v is frequency and h is Planck’s constant). This constant is set to become even more important because physicists are about to change the…


Hack Fargo: Building a Farmer’s Market App

Project Description The nature of the problem: A new visitor to a community has an open Saturday between conferences and seeks to identify the availability of local foods in the area, believing that Farmers Market’s and therefore nutritious and affordable food may be readily available. An iOS (iPhone) application would assist the user in locating…