Applied Mathematics Program Aims to Develop Engineers for North Dakota

The range of topics such as  numbers, structure, space, and change are apropos for a mathematics program, undergraduate typically leveraging a four year degree towards further academic study before pursuing their career. Pursuing a mathematics degree can be a heady activity, not for the light hearted, completing a program in four years has students practicing…


Valley City State University Joins DUNE Collaboration

Abundant beyond imagination, the neutrino is a sub-atomic particle that is a by-product of numerous natural phenomena including the fusion of hydrogen into helium, a process that fires the sun that warms our planet, that grows our tomatoes. Avoiding detection is commonplace for a neutrino, yet occasionally in a rare interaction, the neutrino is responsible…


Renewable Energy SEND Trunk Project Overview

Suitcase Exhibits for North Dakota (SEND), a program of the State Historical Society of North Dakota, offers trunks that provide hands-on experiences for learners of all ages. SEND can be used by schools and other community groups.   A SEND trunk was developed at Valley City State University for K-12 classroom use with goals that…