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Professor of Physics, Director of Undergraduate Research, STEM Consultant, STEAM Practitioner


Why Math Education in the U.S. Doesn’t Add Up

Research shows that an emphasis on memorization, rote procedures and speed impairs learning and achievement By Jo Boaler, Pablo Zoido | SA Mind November 2016 Issue In December the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) will announce the latest results from the tests it administers every three years to hundreds of thousands of 15-year-olds around…


Applied Mathematics Program Aims to Develop Engineers for North Dakota

The range of topics such as  numbers, structure, space, and change are apropos for a mathematics program, undergraduate typically leveraging a four year degree towards further academic study before pursuing their career. Pursuing a mathematics degree can be a heady activity, not for the light hearted, completing a program in four years has students practicing…


The ABCs of particle physics

02/23/16 By Lauren Biron and Chris Smith Take an interactive animated journey through the particle physics alphabet. Accelerators and black holes and cryostats, oh my! We know particle physics can seem daunting at times, but everything’s more fun to learn when it rhymes. So we’re breaking it down, letter by letter, with hopes that you’ll…


Valley City State University Joins DUNE Collaboration

Abundant beyond imagination, the neutrino is a sub-atomic particle that is a by-product of numerous natural phenomena including the fusion of hydrogen into helium, a process that fires the sun that warms our planet, that grows our tomatoes. Avoiding detection is commonplace for a neutrino, yet occasionally in a rare interaction, the neutrino is responsible…


We don’t need more STEM majors. We need more STEM majors with liberal arts training.

The ability to draw from other disciplines produces better scientists. By Loretta Jackson-Hayes February 18, 2015 Dr. Loretta Jackson-Hayes is an associate professor of chemistry at Rhodes College in Memphis. Reference: The Washington Post In business and at every level of government, we hear how important it is to graduate more students majoring in science, technology, engineering…