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The purpose of the Ag Cab Lab is to engage and inform the general public through a hands-on learning center in an actual farm cab that simulates driving experiences on a farm, engages the consumer and answers consumer questions.

Ultimately we would like to influence parents and children on issues around health and nutrition, teaching where their food comes from, living on the farm, and exposing them to the magic of technologies used in precision farm practices. This is accomplished through strategic placement in county and state fairs, as well as long-term educational centers such as children’s museums, to maximize consumer engagement.

From our experiences at the Minnesota State Fair where an Ag Cab Lab was located in the Miracle of Birth Center, children aged 4-12 and their parents form lines in anticipation of driving in the tractor cab. We believe we can engage both through hands-on technology-based projects while waiting in line.

Examples would be in the use of Vernier sensor/probes to measure PH or turbidity in a fluid, and conversing on why these are important and how they fit into farming practices. We have also developed touch-screen kiosks with additional interactivity.

We are raising funds to provide funding assistance to interested museums/locations to assist with moving, transportation and set-up of the display which extends the sustainability of the project and seek to expand into North Dakota while partnering with educational institutions for both formal and informal learning.


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AgCabLab Heritage Numbers

John Boucha

The Ag Cab Lab project is meant to engage and inform students and adults on the subject of STEM in agriculture. Through a hands-on learning center, children get to experience first hand what a farmer does in a tractor cab as they till, plant, and harvest crops. The simulator engages the consumer and answers consumer...

STEAM: The A is also for Agriculture


In a rural community where John Deere Corp. produces tillage and seeding equipment, Valley City, ND, surrounded by farms and ranches is an ideal location for the 78th annual North Dakota Winter Show. Any of the 71,000+ that attended Winter Show had an opportunity to discover an interactive STEM+Agriculture exhibit that staff at the Great...

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Goals listed in the Report from the Committee on STEM Education National Science and Technology Council include: Increase and sustain youth and public engagement in STEM. Support a 50 percent increase in the number of U.S. youth who have an effective, authentic STEM experience each year prior to completing high school. Better serve groups historically...

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AgCabLab @ MN State Fair

MN State Fair

AgCabLab @ WI State Fair

WI State Fair

AgCabLab @ RRV Fair

Red River Valley Fair

AgCabLab @ Sioux Falls

Minibarn @ Sioux Falls

AgCabLab @ North Star Classic

North Star Classic

AgCabLab @ MN Ag Expo

MN Ag Expo

Project Team

David DeMuth, Jr.
Executive Director
Jeff Beckman
Fund Acquisitions
Lucas Sorenson
Graphic Artist
Amanda Fickes
Ag Educator

Jared Lanctot
Graphic Artist
John Boucha
STEM IT Professional

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