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STEMtastic Jamestown!

What happens when economic development meets workforce development meets K-12 schools meets STEM education in a rural community such as Jamestown, ND? Something STEMtastically wonderful – a thoughtful approach to producing a workforce that drives economic development which relies on an existing public education infrastructure. When Vice President of Economic Development of the Jamestown Stutsman…


Is there a link between arts education and entrepreneurship? This study says yes.

By STATESIDE STAFF A recent study coming out of Michigan State University reaffirms the need for one educational discipline that’s been continuously cut over the past decade — the arts. Researchers found a startling link between taking part in arts and crafts activities as a child and patents received or businesses launched as an adult. According…


STEAM: Strategies that Engage Artful Minds

art·ful ˈärtfÉ™l/ adjective showing creative skill or taste. “an artful photograph of a striking woman” synonyms: skillful, clever, adept, adroit, skilled, expert “artful precision” STEM: Student-centric learning strategies where practitioners intentionally teach content concurrently while balancing science, technology, engineering, and mathematics context. Strategies To Engage vs Strategies That Engage Minds?