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STEM Reports

Located here are links to valuable information on STEM reports, data, analytics, information, resources, and connections to practitioners. This list will continue to grow as these resources are collected.

ND STEM Documents

Minot STEM Economy
ND STEM Network Strategic Plan
ND STEM Network Fact Sheet

PDF Reports

ND State of STEM 2014 02/16/2015
National STEM Report (2014) 12/29/2014
State of STEM 9/10/2014
UAS and the ND Workforce 9/10/2014
GAO Report
Job Vacancies and STEM Skills – Brookings 2014
Women in Construction Across the Great Plains

External Resources

State by State health of the K-12 STEM learning enterprise

Created in collaboration with the American Institutes for Research, Vital Signs offer the most comprehensive and up-to-date available picture of STEM in your state: the demand for and supply of STEM skills, what states expect of students, students’ access to learning opportunities, and the resources schools and teachers have to do their work. They update the Vital Signs as new data become available.


Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis

Colleges and universities in the district are producing more science and technology graduates. But job opportunity for those workers varies by occupation and geography, and demand for STEM skills is likely to grow.

PDF: Getting to the Root of STEM.
Link: STEM degrees per 1,000.
Link: Fixing the STEM Pipeline.

North Dakota Oil and Gas Extraction Employment Summary

This report covers oil extraction employment in the following industries: Crude Petroleum and Natural Gas Extraction, Natural Gas Liquid Extraction, Drilling Oil and Gas Wells, and Support Activities for Oil and Gas Operations.

PDF: Employment Summary

North Dakota Compass

By tracking and analyzing trends in areas that affect our quality of life, Compass gives everyone in our state – policymakers, business and community leaders, and concerned individuals who live and work here – a common foundation to act on issues to improve our communities.

North Dakota STEM Report Card 2014

State STEM 2014 (R&D STEM & Data) Report cards to help illustrate the importance of scientific research to state and local economies, job growth, innovation, our standard of living, and national security.

TIES STEM Education Monograph Series: Attributes of STEM Education