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  1. Karen Chobot Says:

    I visited last evening, and I found it a beautiful and quiet spot to visit after a long day at a meeting. The site is beautifully maintained, and I was impressed to see students working to plant flowers and keep it beautiful. Thanks for making such an inspirational place.

  2. Sander Says:

    Hello, nice site. Keep up the good work!

  3. Hans Husman Says:

    Fantastic. It must have been some work.

    A work like the one you have done much be good for the community. Maybe attracting some tourists?

    In Sweden we have some similar artifacts although much smaller and most have been destroyed through history.

  4. Austin Jewett Says:

    Hi Joe,

    This is Austin. I hope you are having fun working on your medicine wheel. It looks really nice. Can you help me make one in the back yard?


  5. joki Says:

    This site is great. filled with so many new resources i’ll be busy for a while just browsing…like i really have time, but still – good job! Warmest Regards,
    Very nice and usefull site.

  6. tia Says:

    Bookmarked you- great site

  7. Monte Says:

    Hi Joe Im Monte from Mérida Yucatan, México Remember me?. How are you? Hows Diana? I just want to say hi and hope to you both be fine. Take care.
    Monte Sandoval

  8. Anabel Harris Says:

    I just wanted to say hi!

  9. shirley bruhn lindsay Says:

    As a VC native I am thrilled that this Medicine Wheel is so beautifully created on land that was important to me as a child. On these prairie hills my friends and I engaged in imaginative outdoor play & found a quiet haven for moments of solitude. We ski’d & sledded on the slopes of the hill, hiked the wooded paths, searched for arrowheads, flew our kites, played ballgames and enjoyed family picnics. For many years this was the site of a college golf course frequented by faculty families & friends. I have warm memories of those gatherings. We all enjoyed the Russian Olive trees that provided shade around the porch of the club house.
    It is comforting to know that the site is preserved as an open outdoor area of great meaning and historic symbolism.
    I am wondering if the pasque flowers still
    bloom across the hillsides in the spring?

  10. john pilch Says:

    Hey Joe and Co.
    Great website. Your Medicine Wheel Park looks fantastic! Keep up the great work and hopefully I will be able to see the park Alice and you. Stop by if you are ever on your way to the original Medicine Wheel in the Bighorns.

  11. Chester Says:

    Quite a well done site.

  12. Kyle Roe Says:

    Interesting info on native American traditions.

  13. Thomas Says:

    Great information, thanks for it



  15. JAMES J SMITH Says:

    A most interesting park. We travel often and are certainly glad we took the time to get off the interstate in Valley City and spent some time learning so many things in this park. Unusual.

  16. Clarissa Says:

    My dad attended VCSU and I am an Alumni. What a wonderful thing…..but I am not surprised that Joseph Stickler is still there and making things happen!!! AWESOME!!

  17. Aaron Says:

    Wow, very nice. I didn’t know the medicine wheel was also a calender. Very advanced.

  18. jeana haley Says:

    hello: I love this site that way I know more about the medicine wheel for the native people & it also help me to understand more on the medicine wheel that I can apply to my live & live that way in my marriage.

  19. Paul Sinclair Says:

    Love the details about Burial Mounds of Native Americans.


  20. Max Says:

    I have worked in collaboration with Royal Science Laboratory before I moved to the Middle East.
    Keep it up.

  21. Rena Fields Says:

    This Nov., I enjoyed your hill & your nice, very clean town, as well as your lovely State & beautiful Capitol. I wish everyone there all the best of joy & happiness in your lives.

  22. Sri Says:

    If you ever publish a book on this, It will be a great asset to any library

  23. Rachael Santarelli Says:

    Great site…I really enjoyed it!

  24. MySpace Says:

    cool website.

  25. Al Gorgon Says:

    Love the article on Luminaries. Going to give that a try this year when it gets a little colder!

  26. Patrica Says:

    I love Medicine Wheel Park.
    I visited two years ago and plan to visit again next year.

  27. Daniel Says:

    Great site

  28. Cynthia Lute Sotka Says:

    I always think of the Medicine Wheel on the solstices & equinoxes. The website is nice; thanks for the great photos!

  29. Frank Says:

    Happy Holiday!

  30. Bob & Sylvia Says:

    My wife and I, roving Newfoundlanders, visited Medicine Wheel Park in October 2008. We found it very interesting and informative. We spent over half an hour there on a cool and breezy day. We had the place all to ourselves. Thank you for this creating and maintaining park.

  31. Mike Johnston Says:

    I really enjoyed the walking tour of the solar system. Thanks!


  32. Jennifer Stickler Says:

    Hi father how are you doing I am doing very well love jennifer

  33. Leo Says:

    Hi, my name is Leo.
    I’m a new guest on this website and i would like to know more abot this studies.
    Can you do something for me ?
    I also would like if it is possible to be allowed to go to the guestbook,
    Hope to see u soon.

  34. Fred Says:

    This site is better than Stonehenge.

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