Congratulate Dr. Mason!


Welcome to the guestbook for the Inauguration of Dr. Tisa Mason as the 13th president of Valley City State University.

This space is intended for visitors to leave their comments for Dr. Mason. Please feel free to post your thoughts (or comments on the thoughts of others) to wish Dr. Mason the best in her exciting role.

35 Responses to “Congratulate Dr. Mason!”

  1. Joseph Munowenyu Says:

    Congratulations Dr. Mason! It is a pleasure to have you as one of The Vikings!!

  2. Julia Kozicki Says:

    Congratulations Dr. Mason – so proud of you and so privileged to have worked for you!

  3. Kelli Heath Says:

    Congratulations, Tisa. Welcome to VCSU- we are thrilled to have you. It’s a great day to be a Viking!!!

  4. Donna James Says:

    I am very pleased that you are the 13th President of Valley City State University. Who says that 13 isn’t a lucky number? I think we are lucky to have you. Congratulations!

  5. Tarah Cleveland Says:

    Congratulations Dr. Mason! You have done a wonderful job at VCSU so far. I think you will continue to have a huge impact on student success in the years to come. Thank you for being so approachable and likeable.

  6. Amy Anderson Says:

    Dr. Mason,
    I wish you the best as you begin this newest adventure. Your past experiences have helped prepare you for this Presidency and we’re all looking forward to working with you.Congratulations!

  7. Pat Egeberg Says:

    Congratulations Dr. Mason on your upcoming inauguration! So happy you have joined us at VCSU. It is a pleasure to work with you–you have great ideas that will make VCSU a better place!

  8. Madelyn Zane Says:

    Dr. Mason,
    Congratulations on the upcoming inauguration! I am so happy that you are our new president! I look forward to all the wonderful things you do for VCSU. Welcome to the Viking Family!


  9. Paige Fettig Says:

    Congrats Dr. Mason! You are a great addition to campus and I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us in the future. You embody the motto “We all row!”

  10. Brianna Johnson Says:

    Congratulations Dr. Mason! So thankful that you are our fearless leader here at VCSU! Best wishes for the future!

  11. Kaska Weidman Says:

    Congratulations! I’m excited to see how you lead us in the coming years.

  12. Nicole Heinitz Says:

    Congratulations Dr. Mason! It is going to be great year and many years to come for VCSU.

  13. Mychael Bruce Says:

    Dr Mason,

    On behalf of the National Society of Leadership and Success VCSU chapter I bid you congratulations. We look to you as a leader that we all can model ourselves after. We wish you the best for years to come.

  14. Taylor Balkan Says:

    Congratulations Dr. Mason! Thank you for all that you do! I’m happy that you are our President! Keep up the hard work!

  15. Angie Willias Says:

    Congratulations and welcome to VCSU! Proud to have you here!

  16. Hailie Wilds Says:

    Congratulations! So happy to have you at VCSU. Good luck in everything you do here in Valley City!

  17. VCSU Cross Country/Track & Field Says:

    Congratulations Dr. Mason! We are so proud to have you as our president. Thank you for all the support of our teams!

  18. Jenna Coghlan Says:

    Dr. Mason, It’s an honor to have your as our President. Congratulations! I’m excited that I get to share some of my time at VCSU with you leading us. Thank you for all you do!

  19. Sarah Larsen Says:

    Congratulations, Dr. Mason! We are so lucky to have you as our president. Thank you for everything you’ve done and will do in the future.

  20. Jessica O'Day Says:

    Congratulations, Dr. Mason! Welcome to VCSU, Valley City, and the great state of North Dakota!

  21. Jordan Bushaw Says:

    Congratulations Dr. Mason! Welcome to VCSU; it’s been great having you on campus so far and I’m sure you’ll continue to be awesome!

  22. Morgan Nalley Says:

    Congrats on becoming the 13th VCSU President. Thank you for being an awesome part of our Viking family!

  23. Cejay Hilhorst Says:

    Congratulations Dr. Mason!! We are lucky to have you as our president and it is awesome to see you at so many events already!!

  24. Megan Trautman Says:

    Happy To Have You! Welcome, Tisa

  25. Nick Lee Says:

    Congratulations! So excited to be apart of this campus community while you move forward with your Presidency!

  26. Richard Langdeaux Says:

    LOVE your positivity and Outgoing Attitude. We are very happy to be with you! P.S. appreciate your style and Smile! 🙂 Congrats! Your Rock our Socks!

  27. Tonya Van Dyke Says:

    Congratulations Dr. Mason, I’m excited to see all that you can help this campus achieve! Welcome to VCSU!

  28. Shayna Taffinder Says:

    Congratulations Tisa! The campus is already a better place with your presence and efforts!

  29. Lexi Lennon Says:

    Congratulations Dr. Mason! You have had such a positive impact on our university so far! Can’t wait to have you in the Viking family for many years to come!

  30. Trinity Potts Says:

    Congratulations Dr. Mason! I’m excited to spend the rest of my college career at VCSU with you as president. I love how involved you have been on campus and cannot wait to see what you have in store for the future. Thank you for all that you do!

  31. Tricia Fechter Says:

    Congratulations Dr. Mason! I’m so excited for you and look forward to seeing the wonderful things to come for you and Valley City State University. Enjoy the celebration – you’ve earned every moment!

  32. Kim Hesch Says:

    Congratulations Dr. Mason! We are looking forward to celebrating YOU this week. Thank you for being a great leader and role model. We look forward to have you lead us for many years to come.

    It’s a great day to be a Viking!

  33. Christian Gamm Says:

    Congratulations Tisa! You are so inspiring to not just the Sigma Kappa world, but all in higher education. Valley City is lucky to have you. I look forward to watching your journey as president friend!

  34. Millie Schuster Says:

    CONGRATS, Tisa! Best wishes and continued success. Enjoy your special day!

  35. Suzy Garner Booker Says:

    Tisa, your Sigma Kappa sisters and former staff members are so proud of you. I know that you will inspire your new faculty, staff, and students just as you do all of us. Congratulations!

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