Alumni Guestbook

Welcome VCSU Alumnus. Please take some time to tell us where you are and all the wonderful things happening to you. Do you have some good memories to share? Do you have a greeting? Go right ahead!

169 Responses to “Alumni Guestbook”

  1. Tricia Pethick Says:

    Hi there to all the Alumni of VCSU!!!! Hope everything is well for you all!!! Have a great year!!!

  2. Paul VanHorn Says:

    Hi everyone. Good luck to all the sports teams this year.

  3. Kevin D. Trotter Says:

    I like the new changes the school has made. Keep up the good work Vikes

  4. Jerry Busche Says:

    Congrats to the football team on last week’s resounding victory. Hi to any and all from my era as a Viking (class of 1965). Hi also to Dr. Grooters.

  5. Denny R. Waloch Says:

    Good to see that VCSU changed the web site, it’s alot better. Hi to everyone from the class of ’97.

  6. Ned and Val Clooten Says:

    Hi to all our VC friends! We are finally settled in Juneau, AK, and we love it. Nice job last week football team and good luck tomorrow! Drop us an e-mail and say hi!

  7. Rick Penner Says:

    I am looking for a person that attended Valley a few years ago and I met her up here in Winnipeg and I am trying to find her. If anyone can help me with this, email me back please. Thanks. I guess her name would help too huh? Silly me. Her name is Jennifer Jenkins. Thank you.

  8. Byron Engberg Says:

    I just everyone to know I miss all of you guys. I also miss my sister KC love ya.

  9. Joan Gifford (nee) Prochnow Says:

    Graduated in 1952. Trying to find old friends

  10. Darin & Tanya Leick Says:

    Hey VCSU Alumni! Darin & I moved to St. Cloud in 2000 and love it here. Darin teaches 8th grade science at Annandale Middle School. I’ve worked a few odd jobs, but now I’m going to be a stay-at-home mommy. We are expecting our first child on February 10 and are really excited about being parents.

  11. kenneth “CHOPPER” Wendt Says:

    I sure do miss the good people of ND. S special Hi. to my duck hunting partnet, Larry.

  12. Casey McCausland Says:

    I Like the new web page.

  13. Brad Olson Says:

    Class of ’72. Just browsing to see what VCSU looks like today. Don’t get back to VC much. It seems I have settled in Detroit Lakes, MN. Keep up the good work VCSU!

  14. Cory Davis Says:

    Good Luck this weekend Viks, great season.

  15. marvin taylor Says:

    Please include me in your Alumni newsletter. I graduated from VCSU in December 1994. P.S. I am really impressed with your website. It has improved immensely Regards, Marvin

  16. Stacy (aka Fridge) Says:

    Anyone know Mike Hoffman’s phone number and/or e-mail address? PS – Hi Schmooh

  17. Clyde Says:

    Anyone know Mike Hoffman’s (aka Ennis Plucker, aka LA) phone number and/or e-mail address?

  18. Marcus Hooks Says:

    what’s up people.

  19. James Fisher Says:

    My football team in Arizona is playing for the 5A state championship on fox arizona at 4:00. If anyone knows me and gives a crap, check it out. P.S. go Cory Anderson and VCSU baseball and give a toast to the canadian embassy. Is Jamestown elks baseball the king of the state Cory?

  20. Bob Green Says:

    Hi to all the VCSC grads out there. If you find your self in the Hillsboro area please stop in and see Michele and I. We are always looking to visit with old friends. We are gaining a Viking population at Hillsboro Public School.

  21. Marla Iverson (Morris) Says:

    Hi. I am looking for any of the gymnasts from the 1985-1986 season. Would love to hear from you.

  22. Kathryn Webster Says:

    Hi We just moved to Florida and I wanted to give our new address to you it is: Scott and Kathryn Webster 4050 NE 12 Terrace #40 Oakland Park Florida 33334 Our old address is: 507 Cox Avenue Republic Mo 65738 Hello to everyone. We just moved to Florida about a month ago. We love it here. Our ministry that we’re in brought us down here and that’s why we move around alot as we’ve planted three churches. We weren’t sure how to do the address change so thought we’d write to the guestbook and that you would get it there. Take Care and Thank You!

  23. Scott Webster (4050 NE 12 Terrace #40) Says:

    We have a new address it is: Scott and Kathryn Webster 4050 NE 12 Terrace #40 Oakland Park Florida 33334

  24. monica berry Says:

    just wanted to say hi to all the philos and wish the EBC’s good luck with Hit Parade. email me people

  25. Scott Antonutti Says:

    I’m teaching in Fosston, Minnesota. I’d like to hear from any old friends.

  26. Scott Hurd Says:

    Go Vikes! Would love to hear from friends, living in Vegas!

  27. Scott Hurd Says:

    Go Vikes! Would love to hear from friends. I am living in Vegas!

  28. Marvin S. Taylor Says:

    The university’s website has improved tremendously. I am very proud to be a graduate of VCSU. If anyone remembers me, I would appreciate hearing from you.



  29. Lyle Halvorson Says:

    Has anyone heard from Robert Dunham, my old room mate. Always wondered what happened to him. I graduated in 1972. My wife graduated from Jamestown College in 1972 also, a match made in heaven.

  30. Rhonda Gilbertson-Evans Says:

    I attended VCSU from 1998-1991. I would love to hear from some of my classmates!

  31. Rockne & Avis Larvick Says:

    Greetings from Oregon



  33. Jason “snoose” and Lindsey Lesniewski Says:

    What’s up VCSU!!! We’re teaching in Pasadena, Texas!!! About 1 mile away from Gilley’s Bar. You know what we are talking about if you saw the movie Urban Cowboy. Anywho, drop us a line!

  34. Theresa Gehrig Says:

    On Saturday my daughter, Samantha and I visited the campus. I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know what great experience it was. we were very impressed with the faculity and student ambassadors that we met. Everyone presented themselves very well. The excitement and professionalism was impressive. Samantha was excited to have found a place where she felt so welcome. Her interest is Secondary Education-Biology. When we toured that area of campus and saw the personal interest that that professor took in his students it was heartwarming. She is a junior at Shanley High School, where the total enrollment 9-12 is approxiamtely 290. To have a smaller campus where everyone is familiar is perfect for her.

    Again, I just wanted you to know that your hard work and efforts to put Saturdays presentation together were well worth it.

    On another note, I tried to find a spot on line to purchase a t shirt or sweatshirt for her, but wasn’t able to find it. Could you give me some direction?

    Thank you, Theresa Gehrig

  35. Bonni Geiger Says:

    I would like to see some brochures or receive informtion on your school. My address is 3410 25th Ave Mandan ND 58554. Thank you

  36. Anjelika Berg Kocher Says:

    I graduated in 2001 and was just checking to see what VCSU has done to their web page. Crazy how so much can change in a couple of years.


  37. Sarah Maximovich Says:

    I miss you angie you are soo special keep up your good work i love you soo much

  38. Manix Says:

    Hey All, it is good to see some familiar names on the guestbook…I am glad to hear you are all doing so well and having success. For those that don’t know I have a son, Tanner 3, and one on the way this June. Jodi and I are in Fargo, so whenever in town drop a line…it’d be great to catch up. Take care everyone!

  39. Justin Hager Says:

    Good luck to this years upcoming football team. Enjoying teaching in Yuma, AZ, I am head coach of Girls Basketball, Girls Softball and asst. football so I am keeping busy.

    Go Vikes!!

  40. Troy & Janelle Wittenburg Says:

    I just read an article in the Fargo Forum about Steve Battle and have watched Mike Peschel play baseball for the RedHawks and have to say that VCSU has made some fine athlete’s. Keep up the good work and “Hi” to all the friends who were at VCSU when I attended! Update: We are currently in the process of moving our family to Wahpeton. New jobs have brought us to the big city. Drop us a line, love to hear from you!

  41. Billie Wilson Says:

    I continue to live in the metro detroit area. I am currently a special ed teacher,(TMI). My wife, Geri, and I have been married for 8 yrs,and we have two very energetic boys, Noah(4) and Eric(3). Congarts to JT and Dirt Diver,aka Jim Thies, and Pete Hughes on there induction to the Viking Hall of Fame. Love to all, GO VIKES!!!

  42. Marcus Hooks Says:

    Just wanted to say good luck to vikes this year

    in their quest to be the number 1 team in the

    DAC 10. And if there are any of my VCSU teammates from the 1996 or 1997 VCSU Football team reading this. What’s up !!! Hope all is well with Ya.


    M Hooks

  43. Anne Smith Says:

    Heh, WOW what changes! I just happen to look back at the site… Hi to all the grads from 96-99…

    Feel free to write and say hi!

    Take care!


  44. Kevin Trotter Says:

    Viking FOR LIFE!!!!

  45. Jane (Alsager) Schultz Says:

    I attended VCSC in 1962-1964. Received a Standard Diploma Elementary Education the last year they were offered. I graduated from Idaho State University in 1978 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Elementary Education. I am wondering if have contact information for Irene Zimmer who was my roommate during my freshman year.

    Thank you.

    Jane Schultz

  46. Duane W. Bock Says:

    1963 graduate

  47. Noelle Bounds Says:

    I’m really interested in Valley City! It looks like a very nice college.

  48. George & Danielle Perich Says:

    Just want to say Hi to everyone that was @ VCSU from ’95-99. If you are

    ever in the Duluth area look us up! Good luck to the FB/BB teams this season.

  49. Marc Says:

    Just wanted to thank you guys for getting such an informative site. Excelent graphic photoshop designed and easy to navigate. Your site is indeed a wonderful and i bookmarked it. I have found some of the information here helpful. I have closed more time explained around me with the contents of your home page from each other now. Unfortunately, there are little good sites. Your site is very good. Thank you for the opportunity to sign your guest book. I will recommend and come back. I found it very interesting to read other peoples comments about your site. Marc kredit.

  50. Andy Haignere Says:

    Just wanted to say hello to everybody I knew at Valley City. Living in North Carolina, so if your ever in the South, look me up.

  51. Peter Simon Says:

    Nice Website

  52. Nicole (Horn) Burtman Says:

    I like the website! Hello to everyone who attended VCSU 1991-1994. I am married with 2 children, one girl and one boy. We live near Wildrose, ND. I would love to hear from any of my friends at VCSU! Merry Christmas!

  53. Lloyd Joseph Says:

    Keeping an eye on the viking from Canada

  54. Nancy & Al Melo Says:

    Hi to everyone! We are fine here in AZ and still teaching. We have 2 daughters. Brinkley is 3 and Bailee is 7 months. We would like to hear from friends! Our e-mail is

  55. Greg Hinkley Says:

    gO vIkes! I shoulda got more time at LB, its a sham. relly miss u guys. thinks for the gret times. Is 2 max man?

  56. Ned and Valerie Clooten Says:

    Hope everyone in Vikingland is doing well. Val and I are in Nikiski, AK and loving it. Drop us a line and let us know how you’re doing.

  57. biddy b Says:

    Go Vikes! Milli Vanilli is still the greatest duo of all time!

  58. Les Hintz Says:

    NICE SITE! 1965 Graduate.

  59. Dean Tosseth Says:

    Class of 1989. Would love to hear from some of the old gang. “E” me when you get a minute.

  60. Verna Moos Says:

    Just decided to view the website.

  61. Jim Dew Jr. Says:

    Go Vikings. Still in fargo selling and playing.

  62. Jeff Ditch Says:

    Class of 1989.

  63. James & Sharla (Huston) Fisher Says:

    Doing great in Mesa Az!! James teaching/coaching at Red Mountain High school,Sharla working in CT dept at local hospital. Two beautiful children, Tate,5, Joshua, 17 months. Would love to hear from all our old friends!!!

  64. Gary O’Connell Says:

    Please up-date my address:
    2982 Orchard Mesa Dr., Henderson, NV 89052
    Class of 1965

  65. Kelly (Olson) & Chad Anderson Says:

    Hi to all of our old VCSU pals. We have relocated and are now in the Phoenix area and would love to see some familiar faces. Chad is running a bank in Coolidge, AZ, and Kelly is teaching Elementary school. We have 3 fantastic little men with us, Parker (8), Preston (6) and Pierce (4).

  66. Shelley Cockerill Says:

    I am moving on July 20th and just wanted to submit my new address.
    5216-173 Victor Lewis Drive
    Winnipeg, MB
    R3P 1Z9
    Also wanted to add that the website is very well done!

  67. Shannon Stassen Says:

    Good Luck to Coach Mac and the Vikings this season.

  68. Troy Mills Says:

    Hello everyone. Went to VCSU back in 1985-86.

  69. Marvin Says:

    Hello to all of the current VCSU students and alumni, especially the Viking Basketball team. Good Luck this year!

  70. Bryan Knoblich Says:

    Bryan is working with Twin Valley Council Boy Scouts of America as a District Director. He loves his job…fundraising…working with volunteers…being out in the community. He and his wife Rachel (Klungtvedt) have 4 sons; Ashton(8), Colewyn (6), Hayden (2), and Westin (8 months). They keep very busy raising their boys, volunteering and Rachel sells vintage items and decor on ebay. They also are very active in their church. Anyone wanted to say hi feel free to email us at

  71. Kevin Brewer Says:

    I am a memeber of the 1980 Hall of Fame Football Team. I currently live in the Los Angeles area, and I would like to discuss holding a social event for the Football team when they play Azusa Pacific for the last game of this year. Please get in contact with me to offer some direction as to how I might facilitate this event. Thanks!

  72. Terry V. Olson Says:

    I have not taught in several years but I use what I learn at VCSC every day selling. If a person can not teach they can not sell. Keep up the good work.

  73. Jackie (Bisson) Pippin Says:

    I wanted to wish the best of luck to all the VCSU athletes for the 2004-05 year!! And I also wanted to say congratulations to Charity Nix for the head volleyball position!!! I know you’ll do a great job!! I’m in Winnipeg with daughter Mikayla (4), and would love to hear from old friends!!

  74. Ianthe(Weir)Oshima Says:

    I attended “Valley City State Teacher’s College” from 1959-61. I enjoyed my two years there and would like to hear from anyone that remembers me. I had such good memories of the great basketball games and the many friends I made there.

  75. Al & Nancy (Maresh) Melo Says:

    Hi to all of our friends. We are still in AZ. This year Al is the Athletic Director at the high school. He is still coaching football too. Nancy is still in second grade! We have 2 daughters. Brinkley is 3 1/2 and Bailee is 15 months.

  76. roseline Says:

    hey stay fine

  77. Luther Says:

    It’s good site!

  78. Laura Turner (Olson) Says:

    Hi! I attended VCSU from 1981-85. I had a great time there. I have been teaching for 20 years. I have three daughters and one son and I would love to hear from any old classmates.

  79. Joaquin (kiki) Estevez Says:

    I would trade all this hurricanes for a North Dakota winter any day!!!!!!

  80. Deb (Coughlin) Kottsick Says:

    My husband (Randy Kottsick) and I both graduated from VCSU in 1980. We would love to hear from our “great” friends from VCSU.

  81. Miranda Robinson Says:

    Hey All –

    Randy (Grayson) and I had a daughter last October 21, Karenza. Time sure does fly. Can’t believe it’s been 5 years already since we’ve been back. Randy is a Paralegal and I work in the Accounting Dept for LexisNexis. Nice to see that people keep in touch on here. Feel free to shoot me an e-mail.

  82. Dale Thompson Says:

    Graduated August, 1957 with B.S. in art with minor in English. Later, added major in geography. Awarded M.A. in Geography from Ohio State University, 1959

  83. Hannah (Paulson) Thompson Says:

    B.S. in Education, 1956. Graduate level work at Pacific Lutheran University. Taught school for 20 years.

  84. Brad Harsch Says:

    I have been out of touch, if anyone out there knows me, drop a line…

  85. Rebecca ‘Becki’ Peterson Says:

    I just wanted to say hello to all those I went to school with in ’97-’99. I had some great times in Valley City, and thought the school was wonderful. Thank you- Have a good one!- Becki

  86. Kelly (Robinson) Dougherty Says:

    Hi to everyone. Chad and I would love to hear from you!

  87. Steven Cole Says:

    Your site is very useful.

  88. Joan (Kapaun) Halland Says:

    Hello to all VCSU alumni! Both of our children are VCSU Vikings…our daughter graduated and our son is a sophomore, also playing FB for the mighty Vikes. I am still teaching English and coaching varsity boys and girls track and JHGBB in Kindred, ND… Greetings to all McCoy friends from 1973-77…. It was a great time!

  89. Tina Azure Says:

    Hi everyone

  90. ‘PIP’ Mark Pippin Says:

    Just wanted to say, ‘what’s up’ to my friends and teamates from 1996. Great year this year Vikes! I’m the National VP of Sales for SFCUSA. If you need custom uniforms, at your local schools, please drop me a line.

  91. Ivonne Says:

    Beautiful and interesting homepage. Kind regards from the country of the FIFA WM 2006 Germany. Ivonne

  92. Holly (Eslinger) Peepers Says:

    Class of ’99-Living in Belle Plaine, MN working in the twin cities as a consulting operations specialist at a computer security firm-thank goodness for all the computer knowledge we gained at VCSU! Would love to hear from old friends.

  93. Leila Whitinger Says:

    It’s great to see your website and see so many postings. I attended Valley City between 1959-1963, and have nothing but fond memories of my time there. I would love to hear from people who were there at that time.

  94. Monica Berry Says:

    I am the Manager of a group home for girls here in Florida. I wanted to say hello to all my fellow Philos. email me sometime and let me know what you are all up to.

  95. Darren Wandy Says:

    Hello VCSU, living in Melville Sk, teaching in Yorkton Sk. Married, no family as of yet. Hope all is well with all of you out there.

  96. Monica Says:


    Lovely site, added to favorites!
    I would like to come next summer.

    Best Regards

  97. Melvin Withnell Says:

    I graduated in 1951. Would be happy to hear from friends of that era.

  98. ted thordarson Says:

    hi everyone, I am wondering if there is anyone out there that remembers me, I attended VC from 1956 thru 1960. I have such fond memories of those years.I would like to hear from anybody that remembers me.

  99. Marlene Swickis Says:

    I am trying to find a Johnathon McLaren who played football for VC Vikings and won a championship ring. I believe this was in the year 2000. I think he may have been a running back and was #31. If you have any idea as to how to get in contact with him, please have him phone me at 1-204-754-3520. I HAVE FOUND HIS CHAMPIONSHIP RING and he would probably like it back.

    Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.


  100. Anne Smith Says:

    Hey all… just dropping a line, looks like VCSU is the up and up!

    Hope all is well, I’m in the financial industry in Oregon.. love it here…

    any alumni drop me a line! 🙂


  101. Sara Trone Says:

    Hey! I was just looking around. I experienced some amazing memories and was offered some great support in Valley City. I’ll be forever thankful to everyone up there- and miss SO many of you! Thanks for all of the opportunities this college helped me to accomplish.

  102. Dennis ‘Michigan’ Sloan Says:

    Great web site. I had the honor of attending in the late 60’s. Hoping to hear from old friends.

  103. Justin Klein Says:

    Hey how is everyone doing? Man do I miss my college days. I was voted employee of the month last month here which is quite an honor. I plan on staying here my whole life. I have devoted myself to teaching sixth grade and to the church! Peace be with you all.

  104. luly macias Says:


  105. Mike Smith Says:

    thanks for the greatest university ever.

    bless you

  106. Tammy Laycock Says:

    Attended VCSU in 2000-2001. Miss all that I met in that school year.

  107. JOHN L HOOEY Says:

    Hey VCSU whats up really miss Valley City. Attended VCSU from 86 thru 90. I’m in the army stationed in Fort Hood, Texas. Been in 5 years and to Iraq twice so far.
    Have one daughter Kayla 17 living in Mt, and two sons Titus John (TJ) and Alex Allan, ages 3 and 1month. Would love to hear from old friends.
    GO VIKES!!!!

  108. Donnie Rowland Says:

    Just want to say hi to all of my teammates from the 1986 football team. Go Vikings

  109. Nicky (CK) Robinson Says:

    Hey, good to see a few familiar names on here! There are times I really miss the easy days of college. Now with my 3 kids: Lili Mae (7), Seth (4), and Riley (almost 1). I am busy teaching kindergarten in Minto, my husband Shane teaches 6th. We keep busy with coaching. I coach volleyball and my husband does football, boys basketball, and baseball, plus the summer baseball program here in Minto, so we are extremely busy, but never too busy for old friends…please drop me a line if you remember me!

  110. Arica Gades Says:

    Hello everybody…My name is Arica and I am the younger sister of a guy who was killed in a car accident while attending this college. My brother Allan and three other boys (Duane Shepherd, Casey Gordon, Marion Durden) were killed in a car accident in the winter of 1999. It has been about seven years, but I have never forgotten about the great sympathy my family recieved from this college body. Thank you all very much, and may the spirit of those boys live on for years to come!
    Arica Gades

  111. Verna Moos Says:

    I enjoyed viewing the auction items and am glad to have obtained an item. I appreciated the phone-a-thon visit and look forward to visiting the campus in June.

    Thank you
    Verna Moos

  112. Daryl D. Hornbacher Says:

    This is a good idea.

  113. Sheri Sweere Says:

    Hello! I haven’t been out to the website lately, but I like the updates! Nicely done. To those of you that I don’t keep in contact with like we said we would, I miss you!!

  114. Wendy Birhanzel Says:

    Hey Sheri –
    I haven’t heard from you forever! What’s new? Anyone else from the class of 98?
    Wow..almost 10 years now..we are getting old:)

  115. Rebecca Says:

    Hi! I visited Valley City in 1997. It was lovely. I’m wondering what happened to the guy I knew there named Dave. He was a student at the time and had a Nebraska ‘N’ tattooed on his chest. If you know him, post a message or tell him I said Hello.

  116. Sharla Fisher Says:

    Looking forward to seeing everyone at homecoming this year!!

  117. jason Moore Says:


    I know the guy you are talking about his name is Dave Gehring and I believe he lives in North Carolina.
    His e-mail used to be I might have his old roomates phone number Andy Haignere somewhere. He lives in NC as well and more then likely has Dave’s email. I hope this helps.

  118. Kerri (Brook) Bauereiss Says:

    Hello to all! I’m still in Roblin with husband Carman and 4 kids Gabrielle (8), Bohdy (6), Brock (3 1/2), and Tess (11 months). Hope to see the ‘old’ Lady Vikes in September!!!!

  119. Ndugwa Felix Peter Says:

    Hullo There,
    I would like to know something about the soccer sport at VCSU because i have not seen it listed among the sports.
    I am a soccer player and i will be joining VCSU this Fall.

  120. Karen (Skramstad) Ewertz Says:

    I am hoping to see lots of familiar faces at homecoming this year. Ten years already..yikes!

  121. Randene (Prawdzik) Chickillo Says:

    Looking forward to Homecoming this year. Phil and I are bringing our two daughters with us, Gina is 4 1/2 and Mia is 6 months. Can’t wait to see everyone from the volleyball team!!

  122. Laura (Heckaman) Dokken Says:

    Business Manager for the Wahpeton Public Schools

  123. Clarissa A. Motis-Barker Says:

    Very nice to catch up. Miss getting the Viking News.

  124. Kevin Brewer Says:

    Just staying in touch !

  125. Doug Shunk Says:

    Would just like to greet my ‘old’ classmates from the 70’s.

  126. Julie Says:

    Hey Wendy and Sheri—Saw you both wrote this summer…Would be a blast to all catch up!!

  127. Greg Hinkley Says:

    Still livin the dream in the cities. To all my following in the 94-05 era, I miss you all. 59 is the big time! Lets have a big football return from the 90s! Who’s in?

  128. Michael Barker Says:

    Just wanted to say hi to all and wish you a happy 2008

  129. Greg Koenig Says:

    My daughter is looking at a possible transfer to VCSU in the fall, so I have been checking out the website today. Hello to all the alumni from the late ’80s and early ’90s.

  130. Kristi (Turnquist) and Throy Haadem Says:

    Throy and I have been living up in Rolla, ND since 2000. He is currently working at Ojibwa Indian School in Belcourt and I am currently doing some subbing around in the area schools. We have three cute and busy sons (Jalin-7, Noah-4, and Brennen-1). They keep us busy!!! We would love to hear from all of you former Vikings. Give us a call or write!!!

  131. Ignacio Dorta (iggy) Says:

    Please feel free to contact me. I want to get in touch with as many old friends as possible.

  132. Roger Rasmussen Says:

    Anybody out there from the class of ’58? It looks like our class will be honored during homecoming this fall. Who plans to attend?

  133. Marcus Hooks Says:

    What’s going on VC Alumni? I would like to find out what’s going on with more of my friends that attended Valley from 96 to 99.

    Hope all is well!!!

  134. Kari (Tangen) Herring Says:

    I would love to hear from some old friends from school!

  135. Kevin D. Trotter Says:

    Greetings to all Vikings but especially to those from 95-98.

  136. John Slone Says:

    I am working as an electrician here in Alaska and plan to return this fall to school in Bellingham, Wa to work towards as RN. Have also done missions work in Central America through Mercy Ships. Anticipate going to Korea in May to provide technical assistance to the medical infrastructure. Will be my first time there. Happy to correspond with members of class of ’78 and others who might have been in Intervarsity Christian Fellowship chapter or live in Alaska. Sister Kathy (Slone) Clark currently in Soldotna and on verge of retiring from Kenai Penninsula School District after 30+ years employment there. Brother Larry summer pilot for Denali Air, a premier air tourist flight service to Denali (formerly Mt. McKinley) Brother Fred is long time attorney in Anchorage as is sister Dorothy (Stephanie). Sister Shirley retired housewife lives in Eagle River. Sister Midge and Pete Crawford in Walla Walla Wa. Brother Dave on east coast.

  137. Marlo Says:

    Hey all from ’96-’98. Would love to catch up. I am working in case management now but still close to VCSU. Have been living in the rival JC area.
    I saw a few entries from ole Marcus Hooks and Kevin Trotter. Names I recognize from my times at VCSU when out with Charity. Hope all is well.

  138. Ken Stubbe Says:

    Just wondering what happened to the old EN gang. May be we should hold a road rally reunion.

  139. Lora Martin Says:

    I would love to know if anyone that knew me will be at Homecoming this year? I attended college from 1968-1972. Please feel free to contact me at my e-mail address: I have such good memories from Valley City State!

  140. Sheri Sweere Says:

    Would be great to see many classmates from years 1997 -1998 at homecoming this year, for a 10 year gathering! Drop a note when you get a chance,

  141. Joseph Coggon Says:

    I spent 30 years in Tillamook County,Oregon. Recently I moved to Colorado and am a Substitute Teacher in three counties. I attended VCSTC starting in 1959-1964. Then I went to the University of Oregon. Will be glad to hear from school friends.

  142. Antigone Karapetsa (class of ’76) Says:

    I live in London with my husband and lecture in Higher Education. I often think of VCSU and hope to come for a visit soon. Sadly, the Homecoming weekend in October is an impossibility because it is during school term and I cannot take any extra time off for such a long journey. Any ideas when it would be a good time to visit and meet some old classmates? In the meantime, feel free to write and look me up if you visit the UK.

  143. Karla Reinertson-Edmonds Says:

    Currently residing in Bloomington MN, married to Timothy Edmonds. We have 2 children, William age 8, and Katherine age 2. Teaching within the ISD 196 in Apple Valley,MN.

  144. Bill Barley Says:

    Hey, Mike Barker. I’m in Colorado too. We should get together. Send me a E-mail. I had thoughts of going to Spearfish to see the Vikings this fall.

  145. Marcus Hooks Says:

    I wanted to say what’s up to all the Vikings from 96 to 98, I hope all is well with ya. drop a line sometime at

  146. Rev. Sherri L. Knutson Says:

    Hey Delphi’s from 1981-1983! I lost track of you so please contact me at (My maiden name was Sherri Frederikson)

  147. Earl OConnell Says:

    I am trying to locate Sharon Falk a graduate of VCSU in the early 1960’s. I knew Sharon when she taught at Linton North Dakota in the Mid 1970’s. If you know where I might locate her please send an email to Thank you

  148. Barb Elstrom Says:

    Hi to all of the Sigma Nu brothers and Sisters!!

  149. Shelly (Buchholz) Deile Says:

    Hey VCSU alumni! How about those Vikings! Thinking about coming for Homecoming. I would love to hear from old friends from school.

  150. Nicky ‘CK’ Robinson Says:

    Oh…it is so nice to see some familiar names! Iggy & Sherri How are you guys? All is well here in Minto…I love my family dearly…but there are times I wish life was back like it was at VCSU…the good ol’ days!

  151. Chris Lunde Says:

    Hey, Gotta luv it!

  152. Pip Says:

    Let’s Go Vikes!

  153. Joe Says:

    Great Website!

  154. Alice Podvin Says:

    You staff makes me feel welcome every time I am present at your college. All the students also are very friendly.

  155. Alice Podvin Says:


  156. Andrew Southwick Says:

    Go Vikes!

  157. WEASEL – Corey Goff Says:

    Just want to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all you Vikings out there. Whats going on with everyone from 95′-99′? Drop me a line at:

    Hope to hear from you…

  158. Rob Says:

    Thanks for the guestbook signings!

  159. Dick Zollar Says:

    If any of you are still alive from class of ’68’ would like to hear from you. I have many memories of VCSU. Had great instructors in Lemnus, Grooters, O’Connel and many others as well. Great School!

  160. black hat Says:

    Congratulation Larry,
    Kim , Loree and you make a very good work 😉

  161. Jabber Says:

    Hi to all had some great times at VCSC hope all is well with everyone

  162. Chris Chathams Says:

    Valley City State was a great college, I attended 5 in ND alone and VCSU was by far the best.

  163. Dorothy (Sisson) Temanson Says:

    I celebrated my 100th birthday last spring.

  164. steve dockter Says:

    the vc bulletein was looking for Irene Dockter’s address class of 62 or so, well i found it, so please forward to whoever wanted it thanks: Mrs. Russel Powers
    6061 Burnside Landing Dr
    Burke VA 22015

  165. Stell Says:

    Hey! Any TKE’s or Daughters going to Homecoming 2010?

  166. Mo Walsh Says:

    If any of you remember me from the class of 71 I would love to get back in touch. VCSU means a lot to me still.

  167. Ben Bernank Says:

    Had some great times at vcsu- hope to visit soon!

  168. motor rektifiye Says:

    Valley City State was a great college, I attended 5 in ND alone and VCSU was by far the best.

  169. angela maximovich Says:

    I attended Valley City State as a single mother of 3 children in 2002.I am from Cleveland Ohio.The experience was the best of my life and made me realize I was stronger than I had ever thought.I met some of the most wonderful people that made such an impact on my life… 2 of which was a married couple whom’s last names escape me, Keisha and David. I’d love to find them.